Lorena (sir_hellsing) wrote,

Role play journals

These are my active characters journals for role playing purposes. If anyone wishes to plot, oocly, plz ping here ♥

Current Role Play contact information.

Aside of original characters.


★ In polychromatic:

☆ Lilith Sahl (Trinity Blood): holymadonna.
☆ Rue/Princess Kraehe (Princess Tutu): princess_crow.
☆ Youko Nakajima (The 12 Kingdoms): reginagloriae.

★ In amatomnes

☆ Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary): cagedsanctuary.
☆ Baybars (Trinity Blood): divinapodestate.
☆ Belial/the Mad Hatter (Angel Sanctuary): oldest_trap.
☆ Esther Blanchett (Trinity Blood): hagiarchy.
☆ Julian (The Forbidden Game): yield_to_me.


☆ Integral Hellsing and Enrico Maxwell at Hellsing RPG in GJ.
☆ Ahiru/Princess Tutu (Princess Tutu): ducklike.
☆ Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary): againstgod.
☆ Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary): messiahnomore.
☆ Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary): thenewseraphita.
☆ Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary): wishforfreedom.
☆ Alucard (Hellsing): hermesbird.
☆ Antonio de Borgia y Borgia (Trinity Blood): godsentpr.
☆ Belial/Mad Hatter (Angel Sanctuary): satanofpride.
☆ Belial/Mad Hatter (Angel Sanctuary): proudbutterfly.
☆ Caterina Sforza (Trinity Blood): a_bad_woman.
☆ Dietrich von Lohengrin (Trinity Blood): evilsincebirth.
☆ Elaine Belloc (Lucifer): dubconcreator.
☆ Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo): ai_enma.
☆ Famine aka Doctor Raven Sable (Good Omens): hungerdoctor.
☆ Fllay Allster (Gundam Seed): emotional_fllay.
☆ Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Hellsing): hiscountess.
☆ Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Hellsing): iron_countess.
☆ Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Hellsing): steeldame.
☆ Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer (Trinity Blood): rozenmagician.
☆ Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist): alchemyteacher.
☆ Kaspar von Neumann (Trinity Blood): schwesterlein.
☆ Kirie (Angel Sanctuary): angelic_fangirl.
☆ Kirsty Cotton (Hellraiser): reluctant_eager.
☆ Ladd Russo (Baccano!): heyheyheyheeey.
☆ Lantis (Magic Knight Rayearth): tragedynomore.
☆ Larissa Thessaly (The Sandman): last_thessaliad.
☆ Lucy/Nyuu (Elfen Lied): theneweve.
☆ Melchior von Neumann (Trinity Blood): thepuppetking.
☆ Michael (Angel Sanctuary): chosenoflight.
☆ Mimiko Katsuragi (Black Blood Brothers): the_compromiser.
☆ Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu OVA): mytimeisfrozen.
☆ Professor Cat (Princess Tutu): looksforwife.
☆ Radu Cel Frumos/The Handsome (Original/Historical): cel_frumos.
☆ Raziel (Angel Sanctuary): besteamaker.
☆ Romeo Montague (Romeo x Juliet): irislover.
☆ Rose DaSilva (Silent Hill movie): godforchildren.
☆ Schrödinger (Hellsing): cutecatenvoy.
☆ Shahrzad al-Rahman (Trinity Blood): clemently.
☆ Shahrzad al-Rahman (Trinity Blood): mercifulsun.
☆ Shahrzad al-Rahman (Trinity Blood): missesthesun.
☆ Seras Victoria (Hellsing): shedmywings.
☆ War (Good Omens): smiledlikeknife.
☆ Wilhelmina Murray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen): miss_murray.

Formerly in Parabolical of Insanejournal:

☆ Elaine Belloc (Lucifer): yahwehwannabe
☆ Integral Hellsing (Hellsing): mortalmaster
☆ Julian (Forbidden Game): herdarkness
☆ Lilith Sahl (Trinity Blood): darksaint
☆ Seth Nightlord (Trinity Blood): justaprettygirl
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