Lorena (sir_hellsing) wrote,

This journal is Friends Only from now on

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Deleted comment

Okay xd I haven't updated in AGES, but check my memories :) Friended!
Hi! I'm Irrel from deviantart and I just HAVE to friend you because your fic is awesome (and I need more friends that won't be completely confused about my newly found Hellsing obsession, haha.)
I know you. /FRIENDS


6 years ago

Just Saff... again. New journal. So, friending again. Just in case this came out of nowhere. XD
/friends :D
So, um. I saw a pic on deviantart that linked me to your Memories section. Wanting to read some of the stories, I made a LJ account. I *think* I've read some of your fics on FF.net, as well. I have accounts on both sites, but I don't do anything worth mention.

It might take me a while to add back because, as I mentioned, I just joined LJ and am trying to figure out how it works at the moment.
It's all fine. I'll add you back. I have more stories in my livejournal than in my ff.net account (they are not proof read however). Follow my memories and tags and you won't get lost.
Hi! I just change accounts and I used to have you as friend. I don't know if it's alright if I friended you, so I thought I'd drop a line :). My former account here.

Deleted comment

I know you. XD Let me add you in a minute, lj is giving me ERRORS every time I do something. /will restart.
simplemente me encanta hellsing , los personajes , la historia , el trasfondo , todo! ...te descubrí a través de deviantart , quizas no me conozcas , pero si quieres te puedo pasar la url de mi cuenta & bien...me doy cuenta de que eres una gran shippeadora (lOL) del AXI , & me encantaria poder leer lo que piensas de ellos , no tengo acceso a todos tus "essay" & es por eso que quiero ser tu amiga...¿si? ;A;
XD Ahora te agrego.

Deleted comment

Sure! I'm so inactive in my journal atm... /is at plurk. /ADDS
I'm mostly here for the Hellsing, and your Integra is my ultimate girl crush. I've been stalking your stories since then. Can you please add...?
<3 Hi! aaww o///o
Interesting information. Thank you!

It would be my very good honour to friend you, if you would allow it so, for I am naught but another worm in the woodworks that have been happy enough lurking before it went splat against the lj 'friend's only' wall.

Why did I finally delurk? Hmmm, a couple of reasons. The first is that, I can say that I desperately desire to see the ending to 'Nothing but Shadows'. Actually I've bumped into the friends-only wall of your profile before when I was chasing at the tails of other Hellsing stories. Somehow I've always managed to rein my curiosity and held back (even in the promise of more AxI). That policy of lurking succeeded until I read the 'Nothing but Shadows' in ff.net and craved for the ending too much to be able to resist.

The larger reason of why I'm here is because I'm an eater of stories lured by the promise of a banquet...
Sure. Give me a sec. :)

I haven't updated my journal in ages. Nothing But Shadows is, however, complete (check my memories).


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

Plain and simple! I like your work!

hello, I sent an email to you about this post, its not coming thru for me. Can you connect with me when you get a chance.

This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

Soy Ravenna, fan de Hellsing y de Alucard e Integra, juntos o separados, no importa. He encontrado tus historias en FF.net y me encantan. Es increíblemente difícil encontrar un fic en el que el autor no presente a Alucard o a Integra OOC, sobre todo Alucard.
Al ver tu página en FF.net, me he dado cuenta de que hace tiempo que no posteas algo y he pensado que, probablemente, tenías algo más en tu LJ, así que ¿podrías agregarme como amiga para que pueda leer más?
Respecto a tus preguntas sobre cuentas en FF.net o Deviantart, tengo cuentas en ambas, pero no las uso para nada más que para postear reviews, de todos modos, podría darte las direcciones si quieres.
Hi! hehe i stumble upon this LJ when i read a post in the trinity blood forum from longtime ago! I wanted to read your fics, but since your journal is friend locked i would like you to friend me, thanks ^^
Hello there. Not sure if you still come on here but I'd like to friend you because of a few stories I've read of yours on FF.net. My name on there is Dranzer Vulcan. I'm interested in reading the rest if Karma ;o
Hello! I still live! But I don't update my LJ (I'm mostly on plurk). I'll add you.
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