Lorena (sir_hellsing) wrote,

This journal is Friends Only from now on

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hi! I'd like to add you as a friend cause I was on deviant art and I found a pic by comichub, and there was a link to a story you did for it and I wanted to read it. I myself have a deviant art account (lamiaknx) and a ff.net account (fallen-one666)Ive also read a few of your stories on Aff.net and I really like em.
Greed/Crocodile/Walter from Paradisa, signing up for friendness.
I think I found you from ff.net... But I don't remember, it was a while ago, and only in the last few months did I get an LJ. I'm an avid Hellsing and Trinity Blood fan. I'd love it if you added me back :)
I was browings for Trinity Blood info and found your page. I am HUGELY into vampire anime, mostly TB but also Hellsing, D, Blood, etc etc.
I have added you, please add me!
hey, Lorena! i've been reading/adoring your fanfiction for 3 years, and now i wanna be your friend to read more!


8 years ago

Hello there my name is Christina, and I really enjoy reading your work. Your story called Karma is what first got my attention. I love it because it's different from the other AXI that are out there. Most are repetitive, and others lack the ability to draw people in. I do not have a ff.net account, or devianart name. However, I do plan on getting a ff.net account soon since I've been trying to work out a AXI story that is somewhat based off of real events in my life. So far it's just notes. Don't worry though I'm not a serial adder. :)
By the way I love the Vampire Integra picture. It's simply gorgeous. Please pass my compliments on to your friend.
Added! Karma is finished, check my tags or in the memory section.
Hello! I found my way here from FreeManga while searching for ways to feed my Trinity Blood addiction. I just discovered the first few volumes of Hellsing, and I'm already on my way to being hooked on that, too. I only have the one name everywhere I go (mostly anime, manga, and yaoi related sites), so if you ever see the handle "Rhapsody Angel," it's probably me. ^_^ I love good fan art and always want to read good fan fics once I'm familiar with a series. I've heard your Hellsing fics are recommended, so I've got to get busy reading the manga and watching the anime, so I'll get caught up enough to enjoy the fics!
Uh, I tend to ramble. >_< Please add me as a friend?
Heh.. I love your work on FF.net, and wanted to read your stuff here, especially Karma. Oh, and I have a deviantart.
Added. Look for Karma unedited chapters/ending in my memories. I finished it years ago.
Hello! I've been a Hellsing fan for many years now and just now stumbled across your blog in my search for the new Hellsing manga chapter. I've read and enjoy all of the stuff you've got posted on FF.net (I'm Mordreds Girl there). My DA is ScipiosDream.
Hey there! I've added you since I've read your insights/essays on hellsing and I think it's interesting to read and usually oh-so accurate 99% of the time.

I'm also a fellow fan of Lodoss War. :D
Mind if I friend you from the convo earlier?
Sure! (I was away all day).


8 years ago

Came through the Twisted Love community... I had also read the AxI Manifesto some time ago and it was awesome! I wold love to check your journal O///O.
I'm a Hellsing fan who's read a lot of your fanfiction and also wanted to join project penelope..please add me? I already added you.
oh, and my FFN penname is chickentyrant5. sorry.


8 years ago

Hi, I read your 'Karma' fic on ff.net and well I never read the ending so I came here to read the rest, if you'll let me that is.

I send a be-friend request! I would like to have access to you journal! I have seen you on many AlucardxIntegra stories, I would like to see if I can get to read more sensible AxI fanfic! Thank you!
Hey there! I believe I've talked with you before on pipxseras, and I've seen you around various other Hellsing communities. You seem nice and I think we share some interests, so can I add you please? :D
Friended. :D
Ack. I think I messaged you on the wrong link...-.x I followed you here from FF.net? I was dying to finish Karma...friends?

Also know you from romancia...
Friended. Check the memories :D It's all gathered under Karma.

Yup. Hirano sealing AxI as canon.
I'm a Hellsing fanlion/lurker
I hunt for fanfics/fanarts
And I herd ya have lots of 'em :D
-> add ya as friend

~Darklion612 on dA, btw
HAYYY *friends*

Hi I'm Hisasha (ff.net/da/forum)~ I love hellsing, know u from ff.net, DA, have read your fanfics. And if you're thess from hiranomoe, then i know u from there too lol. I really like when u talk and discuss Hellsing.

Can i add you? ^__^

I'm just another Hellsing fangirl who loves your fic and would love to be added. :)
Hi, I'd like to freind you, 'cause we have many interests in common(Hellsing, Trinity Blood, etc...) I'm SilverNocturne from ff.net and TB community.

Fellow Hellsing fan here! Not really an LJ person, but saw Karma on fanfiction.net and was driven to making an account to read more.

Sure. :)
Hey, I'd love it if you would add me as a friend? I saw you Hellsing stories on FF.net, and they are so interesting, I like how you write about alot of diffrent situtations and characters, and I would like to hear your thoughts on things (you said it was a mostly Hellsing journal) in a diffrent format, where you can just state things.
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