Lorena (sir_hellsing) wrote,

This journal is Friends Only from now on

Tags: friends only
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Good site, thanks! APosterTest
hi there,

i've seen you posting on the various hellsing communities, plus supposedly you have ixaa fics that are friends-locked on this journal.

as there is not enough ixaa in the free world, i would like to read yours.
Done. Friended. :)

Deleted comment

Okay! :D
Hello :) I'm new to the Hellsing fandom (though not new to Hellsing at all) and your stories on FF.net made quite an impression on me. I'm not going to murder you for posting spoilers, and I don't have a deviantart or ff.net account; Livejournal is my home.

Anyhoo, I should like to friend you, plz :D
Sure. I added you. :)
Polychromatic Light mun FTW 8D
Hey I'd love to access your journal, would you consider adding me. I was hunting for hellsing fic (new favourite fandom wee) and I read a kay willow's story over at an integra shrine, looked for her Lj, got someone else's (poss alucard's capture) and a comment tagged you as a good comm/archive (cough supplier heh) for hellsing stuff.
So anyways Australian university student, no plans to steal or flame or assorted online unpleasentness.
'ello! i luv your work in fanfiction.net thess-sama.
I posted in the evalve forums (but not mucho) wich i found because the hellsing community that you post on.
Now, i'd like to see your journal =p
Hi there. 'M basically just here for Hellsing.

...Kinda shy. >>
Okay! :D


10 years ago

3. Why: I'm a Hellsing fan and you seem to be everywhere I go. (Don't worry, I'm not stalking you. *Walks out of a bush and hides the camera*)
FF.net account: Danally.

Deleted comment


Deleted comment

1) I just love Hellsing !
3) I was googling for Trinity Blood and ended up finding your journal. Isn't this fate?XD;; You're also fan of Trinity Blood!
My deviantart account is fk.
~Add me please ?
I just got into Hellsing (I'm on volume three right now), and I keep seeing you on livejournal communities dedicated to Hellsing. So that's pretty much my lame excuse. And yay, another Fllay fan. I feel like the only one!
Sure! I hope you don't mind spoilers. I'm more of a Hellsing Organisation fan (over the others), so there's going to be squeeing when they win (and Alucard/Integra, Pip/Seras, Integra/Seras bias xD;).
Its K8~

Or Tessla-mun from Poly!
I KNOW. XD I added you.
Hello, please me it would to be added.

1) Soy Xochitl y tengo una cuenta con ff.net- con el mismo nombre. Tambien tengo una cuenta con deviantart, mi nombre de usuario: ali-castro

2) Un amigo me mando un capitulo de tu cuento "Karma" y quisiera estar pendiente de su progreso :) Ya sabes, razones profesionales.
Ya te agregué. Fijate en mis memorias si querés leer Karma.
Hi there. I don't mind anything about spoilers helps relieve and add up to mystery as well. I saw a picture 'Body language' starring Beloved Alucard and sexy Seras. I would very much like to read teh story and see your collection. So please friend me.
Hi, this is sir_hellsing in a rp account. Er, do you realize most of my stories are Integra/Alucard & Pip/Seras (in Hellsing). I wrote that fic as exception for a friend. XD;

Re: Please Friend me


10 years ago


I've recently fallen back into my Hellsing fanlove and have been perusing the AlucardxIntegra comm that you monitor. I wanted to friend basically to read your LJ as I loved your essay on them for the ship_manifesto and am curious on your thoughts for Hellsing in general. Hope that doesn't sound stalker-ish.

I have a livejournal as well as a ff.n account under the name Joon if you were curious.

Humbly ask permission to friend?
That essay is very old. XD;

Oh, sure. I added you as friend.
Hi, I'd like to be your friend. I love Hellsing and I was browsing the Alucard/Integra community Twisted Love when I saw something along the lines of "...AxI fanmix..." Pookles13 had made a cover for it, I believe. Needless to say, I felt that I had to friend you and learn more about this wonderful person who had made an AxI fanmix!! ^_^;
Also, I don't mind spoilers and I love reading rants and reviews... so, I look forward to it!
I have read you stories for a looong time and I would like to see the fanarts,read the fanfics and definetly love the spoilers so can you pls add me?
My english is the worst by the way but it is good enough to express me ^___^
I haven't checked this post in a while. Do you still want to be friends?

Pls add me


9 years ago

Re: Pls add me


9 years ago

Hi, yet another of your ff.net readers hoping to add you. ^^
I haven't checked this in ages. Do you want to be friends? ♥


9 years ago

Hello! I got your PM from ff.net regarding Karma... and am sorely disappointed that you've hidden it away in your journal! XD
Sure. :)
Hi! Yes, I'm the annoying brat from ffrants whom you've told practically the whole story of Trinity Blood and make her a total addict to the series. Mind if I friend you? I really don't mind Hellsing spoilers thrown at me here and there.. it's been so long since I've seen the anime. I really need to see some more, is there any other similar to Trinity blood or Hellsing? Haven't found one so far.
I don't think TB is anything like Hellsing! Novel wise, it's about political intrigues and sci fi, which is nothing like the ultraviolent action of Hellsing. XD

Sure, friended.


9 years ago

Um..... I've read some of your fanworks on FF.net and really liked them, and since stalking your journal like the shy thing I am isn't an option (jeez, you'd think talking to people when you don't have to actually make eye contact would be easier)...

Hi? I'm a rabid big Hellsing addict fan.
Sure, friended.


9 years ago


I'm just another Hellsing fan, and I like to see your impressions on it, whether they're opinions or fics or the like. Which is why I'd like to be added, please?

Uhm, I've got an ff.net, with a Hellsing fic on it. :D Saving points, yeah?


My dev. art has practically nothing, so I'll not mention it. It's full of suck and fail, anyway.

Friended. :)
Hey, this is revamped, I've renamed and cleared up my friends list. If you'd like, please go ahead and add me back. ♥

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