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This journal is Friends Only from now on

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I have read many of your stories on ff.net, and I know you have left me a couple of reviews at my stories and replied to the reviews I left you. You seem very nice and are a very good writer and share my loves of Hellsing fandom. I was wondering if we can be friends? (I am assuming not to add you first so if you add me I will add you back :) )

† Creep
Sure. :) I'll friend you.
Hi, I read your awesome fics on ff.net, and I'd like to add you for more.

I warn you my 'awesome fics' are unedited in poor, no native English inside this journal. D:

Go to my memories, there is the archive by WIPs (name, for instance "Karma") and the one shots are inside one category (ficlets/drabbles).
I've seen you around in other places, places related to hellsing of course. Forums, ff and other communities, you know a lot and your lj must be another great experience to read.

As for myself, I would love to be a part of all things hellsing. I do not mind spoilers.

Te agredezco tu atención.


11 years ago

Well, I would love to be added. Just getting into the Hellsing fandom and you seem wonderfully knowledgeable 'bout it. Don't worry, I do not mind spoilers.
Added. :)
Hi. I'm WinterOfOurDiscontent on ff.net. I don't write Hellsing, but I read it, and I'm a member of HellsingReviews. I'd like to friend you because I'm a great admirer of your writing.
Oh, sure thing. I'll friend you.
hi! this is empress_eerian_sadow from ff.net and empress-eerian-sadow from deviant art. (gods i get around)

see...i have this livejournal thing too and i wanted to friend you so that i could watch you like a creepy stalker girl or something. teehee...

seriously, i just wanted to follow your hellsing work. i love what you do, and would like to see more. and i don't mind spoilers or rants.

Deleted comment

Hello! Thanks! I'll friend you obviously.

Normally, I have beta offers but these two weeks mean finals to my friends, so they were busy.
Hi, just friended you in case you don't mind. ;) Herit, from the TB community. I'm not as much a Hellsing fan as Su or Angel are (yet), but it's developing. u.u XD
Hah. We're going to brainwash you to accept Alucard&Integral as Isaak's parents, you know? I mean, he does look like their son. XD



11 years ago

I really love your fics, they are always well written and well researched. I've written a few of my own (most of them are unfinished) but I never work up enough courage to post them, so I have to give you major kudos for taking the step and actually posting your stuff. I hope you don't mind that I friended you, I thought I should ask. I hope to read more of your stuff soon.
Sure. I'll friend you. You should post your stories. :)
I'm adding you because I'm a supporter of AxI and I watch you on deviantart? lol
Okay. Adding you back. :D
hello, I was wondering if I could be added as a friend, I alread added you, so it would be cool to be your friend! so that would be awesome, also, hellsing, i love spoilers!
Okay. :)
You know, I should have done this ages ago after the BoH forum went down.

I'm suffering Hellsing withdrawal >.<;;

Ah well, much thanks to Iggy for reminding me of your journal Thess.

Already added you. :p

Current user image courtesy of my good friend ChibiHalo.
Sure. :)
friend me? please? *points to icon*

-i guess i want to friend you because of 1) ur awesome username 2) i love hellsing and 3) just because of your awseomely cool icon.
-i dont have a deviantart name thingie

so yeah.
Okay. :)


11 years ago


11 years ago


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11 years ago

May we friend each other? I'd love to read your translation of the latest Hellsing chapter...

I saw your reply to a post in the Hellsing community. ^_^
Sure. I didn't do the translation, a friend did (he's one of the Birds of Hermes group) and was very fast. He promised me to give me a better script when he has time to do it. :)
I friend you because I like your fanfiction and I like Hellsing in general. To be honest, I am more of a lurker kind, though.
Friended. :)
Hi. I'm another of those who saw your post in hellsing regarding an alternate manga translation that you had posted. While that is the main reason I'd like to read your journal, the fanfiction content is a close second. I'm a long time Hellsing fan, but haven't read too much fanfiction of it - nor have I ever been really active in the fandom.

Ok, friended. Check my memories for fanfiction since I'm busy in rp. :)


11 years ago

... friends? ;w;

I'm probably the 234th person to say this, but I really love your fanfictions. They're just so amazing, and they remind me of how much of a terrible writer I am. xD

I also wanna be added so I can see the Hellsing manga translation thinger. Walter is my God. ♥

So... add? :D

Ps. Awesome layout.
Hah. No problem. XD

Walter is great but Integral is my personal deity in Hellsing ♥
Is it okay if I add you to my friends list?
I stumbled on to some of your fic by way of fanfiction.net, and was pretty blown away by it.
Sure. May I ask which one? Mind you, all fics here (take a look at Memories) aren't edited. :)


11 years ago


11 years ago

Hi there. I found you by chance when I was looking for my daily dose of Hellsing - perhaps we could become LJ friends?

My own journal ranges from inane ramblings to insane ramblings. Hope you don't mind!
Sure. I'll friend you.


11 years ago

Yo, reizero/albinoweasel here. =) Had to change my account *again* for personal reasons. Am re-friending you. ^^
Ok. :D
hallo! I saw your name on the Hellsing lj community I think.Anwyays, I see that you like Hellsing, yes it's a very good manga/anime/OVA..(lol so many I can't even start...) I'd like to befriend some people here, especially when they have the same interest, it's very healthy I guess,lol! hope to hear from you!
I love Hellsing XD

Is that a good enough reason to friend me^^
Done. Friend me back.
Vaya,vaya...una fanática de Hellsing como yo, con fanfics tan estupendos y todavía no la he añadido a mi lista de amigos...y para redondear, entiende el español XD
En fin,sir Hellsing...si no tiene inconveniente,me gustaría trabar amistad con usted ;) Espero su respuesta.
Perdoname, he estado enferma y sin conexión. Ya te agrego.
Hola! Me gustan los colores de la imagen... Bueno, creo que te he visto en devArt, FF.net y El (¿desaparecido?) foro The Bird of Hermes, si mal no recuerdo ^^.
¿Cómo estás?

¡Hola! Bien, ¿vos?
Acá ando... Ni bien ni mal ^^U...
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