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This journal is Friends Only from now on

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Hi ^_^.
I just wanted to ask your permission to take your "my fandom has badass chicks" picture. I really like it, and I would really like to use it in my LJ comments and entries. Can I please take it?
Sure, credit sailorptah, she made it.
i have read your fan fiction and i really enjoy it. i think you are probably oneof the better fan fiction writers out there,and i'm not just saying that so you will add me as a friend. But yeah, if you want to add me that would be awesome ^^
Sure, I will add you. :)
1. i dont mind the fanfiction, art, or rants. love Hellsing
2. i have seen it , and i'm gettign teh manga
3. i started reading your work on FF.net. and found you though a few interests, and communties.
4. all ready did.
Added. :)

Deleted comment

Added :)
I am aluring, psychotic-vampire love and so is Hellsing.
Be you my friend, Thess?
I friended you. :)

Eh, que incomodo es esto...

Mi nombre es Nina y me gustaría ser parte de tus amigos porque...
bien soy fan de Hellsing y demonios!! y estoy harta de tratar de escribir en inglés para comunicarme con más fans de Hellsing!!

Ah, además fuiste la primera en dejarme un review (Confianza)y más encima dijiste que era un excelente estudio de personaje... Dios mio. Yo ODIO mis historias, son tan estúpidas...


Nina Davis
No hay problema. Claro que te agrego a mis amigos. :)

Re: Hola


12 years ago

'Lo! Please add me to your friends list. My Fanfiction.Net name is Wandering Xanthe. You've been on my Author Alert for a while. It delights me when you update!
Sure. Mind you, my posts here are unedited and not revised (the 'hot off press'). :)

Just did. Friend back?

Deleted comment

Added. I remember you :)

I just got an LJ account recently, but I post mostly in te And Shine Heaven Now Oekaki board and I've commented anonymously a few times on Erin's Guestbook/LJ. Wow, it's really difficult to find other Hellsing fans out there. =)

Long live Integra.

A pleasure to meet you, ma chere dame! *bows and shows off his fangs* Meep!

Kenshin Tepes

(Squire of Squee, Knight of the Cashew-Hoarders, Master of Massacre, Supreme Spam Addict, He-Who-Says-Ni, and rascally, gothy, pilfering swabbie. Arr.)
Sure, I'll add you, friend me back.


12 years ago

Hello. You know who I am, don't you? on ff.net I am also Alucards_Bane. You're Thess on ff.net, right? I agree with your rules, and I will add you to my freinds list as soon as I figure out how...I'm new to this site...
Yes, I know. I will add you. :)

Re: Hullo.


12 years ago

'Allo. This is miyosuke on her new journal. ^^ I hope you don't mind me friending you again.
No, by all means. :)
Hello I was wondering if we could friend each other. Your lj looks awesome and I LOVE Hellsing. ^^


12 years ago

Hey there! I've seen your name everywhere; you're quite popular! Anyway, I've read a lot of your stories and really enjoy reading them. My ff.net pen name is parttime-dumblonde. I already have a few Axyoung-I stories up there now and am working on another one. I want to be your friend because I love your work and want to be able to see your journal. Thanks a lot! I've already added you to my list, by the way. Again, thanks! Bye!
Sure. I am a bit sick lately and don't check fanfiction.net but I'll add you. :)
Your works of fiction were recommended to me, so I'd love the chance to read them. I'm a huge fan of Integra, as I think trully strong female characters are tragically absent in most other media. My ff.net name is altol, although the only thing I've written is for FF8. (still working up to writing a Hellsing piece, I suppose). Hope to see you on my friend's list and look forward to reading your works!
Hello, nice to see a fellow Integral fan (she rawks). My works (in a finished, edited version) are here, I'll add you as friend, I warn you the stories here an unedited. Check my memories in search of old stuff. It's all categorized.

^_^ We both adore Integra ( Manga, of course ), and that's definitely more than good enough of a reason for me to add you. I'd definitely love to know when your works come out and read your insightful thoughts into the anime and manga. ^^v Thank you!


Added. Welcome to my journal. ^____^
Alooo.. I saw your name pop up alot in the Hellsing_Rating place. And I like to read alot of your posts! Even the the comments you get from them. XD Interesting theories on different things! I would like to be added so that I can continue reading the latest of whatever you found out. ^^ Then comment on them myself if I ever get an opinion.
Sure, I'll add you. Add me back. :D
I would love to be friended by you. Your a great source of Hellsing info, and I'd really appriciate it. Also you seem to be a cool kinda person.
Sure. I just friended you. Friend me back. :)
Heeeey! A while back we met over...I think it was your essay about Alucard/Integral over at...I think it was ship_manifesto. Yes. XD

And of course I've seen you over at gankutsuou, and occasionally at witchhuntrrobin, etc. etc. You also sent me the first couple chapters of the Hellsing manga over Yahoo IM, for which I am eternally grateful!

Whoo. @_@ Too much talking. XD Um....ah yes, I have an ffnet name, but I hardly use it, so...*shrug* I'm Sybel Sayrah @ ffnet & Sybel Cesia @ Fictionpress.

Sorry for the rambles! XD
Hello. Sure I'll add you.

Are you in yahoo? I can send you the rest. :)


11 years ago

Hi. lucem made you a Rosiel icon a while back (November I think), and I was wondering if you would mind me using it? Sorry to bother you. =/
None at all. Use it. :)


11 years ago

Friend me please? 'Cos I love your writing on FanFiction.Net
Sure. :)

I would be pleased if you allow me to friend you.

I now you from hellsing_rating (you comment I am like Doc)
and from ff.net
I realy like your fics.

My ff.net profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/848864/
if you want to read some horrible fics

And I am no serial adder
Hello, sure I'll add you. :)
I now you from...

I know you from...

of course sorry for the typo

Suspended comment

Sure, I'll friend you. Friend me back. :)
I love your works, not to mention the fact that you did an excellent essay on Alucard and Integra. I'm interested in reading more of your opinions when touching on various aspects of Hellsing. :D
Sure, I'll friend you, friend me back. I warn you my rants/fics in journal are unedited with bad, no Native English. :P
1. Love Hellsing
2. Found you by way of yankeerose69
3. Like your posts...

May I add you?
Sure. Added, your turn. :D
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